Where value lies

The value proposition for any business is defined by what value is delivered to the customer.

12 micro caps presented to a room full of investors earlier this week, and the customer proposition was clearly defined in only one of those presentations.  I understand the pitch was focused on returns to investors, yet I was intrigued that only one company provided insight into the value they delivered to customers, and coincidently that company seemed most investment ready to me, a somewhat scary proposition,  given that all companies are listed on the stock exchange.

I don’t recall any sensitive information being divulged that would provide competitors with any advantage, though that may be why 11 of 12 companies didn’t talk about their client value proposition.

Every business acknowledged their customer, the source of their business value, yet only one clearly linked the customer value proposition to the value of the business.

When you understand the value you deliver to a customer, you understand the value of your business, and so do your customers, staff, investors and prospective purchasers of your business.