An accounting innovation worth commenting on

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) see are calling for commentary on a recently released consultation draft paper on Integrated Reporting by the 15th July 2013 – not much time left, but there is still time to comment.
There are many interesting innovations in the draft paper, and one that I find interesting and valuable is around the business model.
At the heart of an organization is its chosen business model. Current business model reporting is inconsistent, both in terms of uptake and scope. Uptake appears to be influenced by the presence of regional legislation, corporate governance codes and listing requirements. Scoping inconsistencies are linked to mixed interpretations of what, exactly, constitutes a business model.
This Background Paper for explores and reconciles divergent approaches in business model reporting with the aim of reaching a common, widely-accepted definition of the business model for use in Integrated Reporting (). Specific implications for the development of the International Framework are as summarized below.
A distinction is made between business model disclosures and other information such as:
• external factors or context
• capitals
• governance
• strategy and resource allocation
• opportunities and risks
• performance
• future outlook

This framework provides a very interesting perspective on how an organisation creates value through its use of various capitals, and in addition to considering outputs (loosely what an organisation is developing and selling) it also includes outcomes (positive and negative impacts of the business process).
Have a look at the framework and comment by 15th July.
More importantly, review your business in terms of the described business model and think about how this might affect you.
The Business Model