Our Values

Market Gap Investments works to a fundamental philosophy based on creating environmentally and financially sustainable value for businesses and the communities they operate within.

By focusing on the value a business brings to their market, Market Gap works to deliver satisfying and rewarding work for employees as well as adequate returns for owners and investors.


  • Focus
    Developing clarity around organisational purpose
  • Thoughtfulness
    Assess options, analyse the impact on all stakeholders, and make considered decisions
  • Sustainability
    Develop businesses to be environmentally conscious, financially viable, socially aware and commercially sound
  • Social contribution
    Help businesses understand their role in building better communities for all stakeholders
  • Value creation
    Create value for the customer and extract appropriate rewards for the business

Stories of battles and successes…

You have successfully developed your business, and are looking to take the next step. Your turnover is around $1m to $3m, and you know you have the potential to grow to $5m – $30m. You know you can do it, you know what has to be done, but you’re caught up in running the business right now…

Market Gap Investments will work with you to explore and develop your strategy – and then help implement your dream – hands on, in the business, working with you to build the platform for your future success.

What value should you expect from Market Gap?

…tangible measurable results, identified as we explore the opportunities for your business.

Market Gap becomes part of your team. Define the measurable performance you want for your business, and we’ll work with you to achieve your results.