The success of failure

I have found it difficult to get the rhythm and discipline of regularly posting. How to say something original and provide value rather than add to the volume of noise already on the web.

Earlier this week I spoke to a group at RMIT  studying entrepreneurship, and found the experience rewarding, and insightful.

The slides from the presentation are attached. Growth – RMIT 14 September 2010 Final

The insight that I have gained by sharing my experience was very powerful. Yes, I did talk about the things that worked, however the best discussion and most meaningful part of the presentation came when I shared what didn’t work.

That allowed me to talk about the personal experience and how the teams I worked with then began to develop strategies to overcome the obstacles that had caused the “failure”.

The personal conversation became an engaging discussion with the people in the audience.

The world operates in ways that are generally predictable at the macro level, with a whole range of micro variations that often catch you and your team out of position. It’s how you respond to the variations that develops overall growth.

Sharing the experience allows other people to understand that success is a product of hard work and overcoming adversity and failure. There is no easy way to achieve success, and it is important to constantly assess what success looks like to you. As your goals change, so does  your definition of success, and so does your path to achieve it.