Taking the first step

With so many blogs on the web, and so much information available to businesses, it seems unnecessary to create a unique place for an additional point of view.

So why start something?

Market Gap is being commercialised to help businesses implement strategies. Our focus is on taking the step from knowing to doing.

We also want to help our clients contribute to the communities they operate in and to make conscious positive decisions about the environment.

In our experience, most businesses have a good grasp of their initial strategic direction, an awareness of what is happening in their community and a general understanding of environmental issues.

And most of us get busy, dealing with the day to day things that are critical to survival and making money. And often that’s where we stay. Subsistence business. It works. It creates employment and generates money by meeting a customer need. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing, if that’s where we want to be.

Businesses start with an idea, an entrepreneur and a customer willing to pay for the product or service. The start up’s future is then aligned with a particular customer or idea, and that’s when the business starts to make long term strategic decisions as part of the day to day transactions, without assessing the long term implications of those decisions. It’s why we succeed, fail, change direction and then start to ask “How did I get here?”

Through this blog, I want to share my experiences and start conversations that help businesses build the link between strategic thinking and every day actions to expand business thinking to extend to their communities as well as the environment.

Your comments, support, and feedback are important.